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Job Summary

The Chief Metallurgist reports to the Mill General Superintendent and is responsible for process engineering, automation, and the assay lab.  The position is responsible for measuring plant performance, identifying improvement opportunities and providing technical services, working with multi-disciplinary teams, for the successful execution of the site’s efficiency improvement projects.  The role also provides project assurance in the areas of process safety, cost control, schedule control, quality control in engineering design and construction, operability, document control, and end-user training.

Key Tasks:

  • Develops and executes long range strategic plans necessary to identify, connect, improve, and eliminate recurrent process inefficiencies. Implement systems to improve and maintain our competitive position.
  • Responsible for maintenance and reliability of plant distributed control systems
  • Maintains and develops production, process, and analytical databases
  • Cooperates with other management personnel in solving interrelated administrative, organizational, and technical problems to improve production and reduce costs
  • Submits variable and fixed budget recommendations and controls spending to achieve profitability
  • Make recommendations in respect to yearly mill production targets, metallurgical group budge, and reagent consumption budget
  • Make recommendations for the daily /weekly/monthly maintenance scheduling where required to ensure process improvements or process deficiencies have appropriate levels of urgency
  • Manage a team of technical based individuals functioning as process engineers, lab technicians and DCS specialists
  • Manage and coordinate the Process Metallurgical group to implement and sustain continuous process improvements directed to sustainably increase recovery, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and to increase process stability and continuity


  • A general understanding of managerial techniques such as budget preparation, performance appraisals, salary administration, planning and scheduling, cost control, plant equipment and processes
  • Human relations skills acquired through the experience of previous supervision is extremely beneficial
  • Able to plan, develop, and implement new methods and procedures designed to minimize costs, improve production, and effect utilization of labor and materials.
  • Must have the ability to direct troubleshooting and corrective actions during major process upsets


  • A bachelor’s degree in Mineral Processing or Chemical Engineering with associated training and job experience
  • A proven history of successful process plant improvements with increasing levels of responsibility
  • Training in statistical process improvement (six sigma green belt or equivalent)
  • A working knowledge of analytical chemistry
  • Fundamental knowledge of control systems, plant tuning and automation best practices
  • Possess good written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to work with multiple tasks, prioritize and develop sound time lines
  • Good personnel managements skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and able to work well in a fast paced “team” environment
  • Possess problem solving, trouble-shooting, and diagnostic skills